List of Upcoming Events In Goa

Goa is not just beaches and music and nightlife. The events in Goa take place through the year.
Goa gives the beaches to these events.
Her nightlife decorates the events in Goa with the gala and the glitter.

Lose yourself in pure luxury and abundance.

It is sheer luck that Goa is accessible to all- nationals and foreigners.

These events in Goa are a delight to participate.

The festivals are renowned for international fame. There is none among us who would not know the events.

Here Listing Of Events In Goa
It is synonymous with Vagator Beach. Imagine the Vagator Beach in its glory with its waves splashing around in welcome.

International and pan-India musicians and artist decorate the beach with their priceless performances. Sunburn is one of the most celebrated events in GOA.

People wait for this one each year. Carnival is not an Indian concept.

The Portuguese started this celebration, and their legacy continues now with Goan flavor- mixed with all other subsequent cultures.

Carnival is one of the marked and awaited events in Goa. They stage ethnic plays during carnival. Carnival is all about traditional Goan festivity.

This among the events in Goa reminds so much of Mexico where blindfolded children hit a stuffed animal to get flying sweets all over.

Sao Joao is about to St. John the Baptist. The youth jump into wells, ponds and streams to find gifts thrown in by villagers.

Among the events in Goa, Shigmotsav is the Goan Holi festival. They do withdraw from eating non-vegetarian food, and they don’t consume alcohol either! So the festival is of colors but without getting drunk!

The month is the same, March, although they celebrate the festival till a fortnight as per tradition.

They play with red ‘gulaal’ only.

It is about the Sun God who rides a chariot of seven horses. In the events in Goa, this one celebrated on the seventh day of waxing moon or the ‘Shukla Paksha.’

People worship the ‘sun god on chariot’ form in the months of January-February (Magha).

It is a five days festival in Goa when people showcase their arts and crafts and artifacts.

The Goan artisans and craftsmen gather to exhibit traditional Goan crafts like pottery, woodcraft, crochet, handicrafts, coconut craft, hand-painted tiles.

This among the events in Goa is similar to the Goa ‘cuisine festival’ where people gather to display their cookery expertise.

It is one of the most popular and renowned events in Goa. People attend this event from all over Goa as well across India. Local artisans get wholesome attention, and their works displayed with great fanfare.

The event also hosts other fun competitions like musical programs and workshops. A unique ‘Shobha Yatra’ with traditional folk dances inaugurate the festival.

It is traditionally one among the events in Goa. It celebrated in the ancient temple of Sri Morjaee located in the beautiful Christian – Hindu village of Morjim, a part of Pernem in the district of North Goa. This special Utsav organized during the period from mid-February to mid-March, the Phalgun month as per the calendar followed by Hindus.

The Shuddha Panchami of the Phalgun month is the time of the main festival of Kalas Utsav. It lasts for seven days of the month of Phalgun. A wild boar or a goat is sacrificed on the premises of the temple and distributed among the devotee.

So, how was the read, guys! Reading these excites us, imagine being a part of any one of them! Well, get swept off your feet in thrill with events in Goa!

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