Experience the Solace on Islands in Goa

Getting the peace of mind is so easy, you have to visit these islands in Goa, and all the things are perfect. “Goa,” the things that come anybody’s to mind are the beautiful golden beaches, thrilling watersports in the boundless Arabian Sea, mouthwatering Goan cuisines and of course the calm islands. There is too much to explore here which keeps most of Goa unexplored.

Here are some islands in Goa for your perfect tranquil experience.

1.  Chorao Island

Located along the river Mandovi, Chorao Island is the largest island among other 17 islands of Goa. It is 5 km away from the capital of the State, Panaji and 10 km away from the city of Mapusa. The local citizens call this island Chodna or Chodan. There are many stories connected to this place. One of them says that the island emerged from diamonds that were thrown by Goodness Yashoda, the Mother of Lord Krishna. This is one of the largest islands in Goa.

The Chorao Island also conserves the evidence of the interesting ancient history of Indian Brahmins, and also the Portuguese colonizers. This Island has numerous old houses, dozens of Hindu temples and Catholic churches of the 16th century. It is also famous that the branch of a prestigious University of Sanskrit and History of Literature was built on this Island.

Chorao Island
Chorao Island
Places to Visit
Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

The Chorao Island is beautiful principally because of its exotic flora and fauna. You will see many mangroves which are beautiful trees growing in the water. “Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary” proudly stands in the western region of the island. This is the largest bird sanctuary of Goa with an area of 178 hectares. The reserve got its name after the renowned Indian ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali. Many migratory and local birds of over 400 species are the inhabitant of this sanctuary. The crocodiles are among the aquatic residents of this sanctuary. Almost all the islands in Goa are rich in flora and fauna.

How to Reach

For most of the islands in Goa, water transport is the only way to reach. Similarly, water transportation is the only way one can reach the Island. Any water transportation unit or on a regular ferry-boat from the village of Ribandar the Ribandar ferry will take you to island. The best time to visit Chorao Island is from November till April when there is no rain in that region.

2. Divar Island

10 kms away from Panjim is the Divar Island. According to history, this island was once a flourishing center full of Hindus. But the residents abandoned the island when an epidemic broke out. Divar Island can be reached by ferry services only. Ferries are available throughout the day. There are three villages in Divar namely Piedade, Naroa, and Malar. There are two major festivals on this island namely Bonderam and Potekar which is similar to Halloween. All the islands in Goa are rich in culture and celebrate beautiful festivals during the year which are quite popular.

Divar Island
Divar Island

The largest village on the island is scenic Piedade. But Divar, whose name originates from the Konkani dev and vaddi (meaning ‘place of the Gods’), has a significant Hindu history that belies its modern-day tranquillity.

Places to Visit
The Church of Our Lady of Compassion

This church is on the hilltop. The Church of Our Lady of Compassion is a grand facade with an ornate yet simple interior. The ceiling is in plain white plaster designs, and the windows in the walls, allowing the slight ray of light to enter into the church. The landscapes alone, make Piedade and its church worth the trip.

How to Reach

Water transportation is the only mode of transport can reach Divar Island. Three ferry points take you to the Divar island. You can take a ferry from Old Goa; then you will reach the southern side of the island. If you are taking a ferry from Naroa, which in the Bicholim district, you will reach the eastern side of the island. The third ferry point is from Ribandar which will take you to the southwest side of Divar Island.

3.  Sao Jacinto Island

The San Jacinto Island is the most exotic place in South Goa. It is just a few kilometers away from the Dabolim International Airport in the north-east direction. According to a story, in the 30’s years of the 20th-century, locals say that their ancestors made a vow. This vow was never to lease the island to construction companies to build built touristic or industrial facilities on their land. That is the reason why nowadays this small island is a splendid green zone, which has protected the purity and charm of exotic Goa nature.

Sao Jacinto Island
Sao Jacinto Island

Mostly, the whole island is covered with forests, and the south-western coast has with old houses, among which there is a beautiful old white church. It is visible when passing the NH-17 Vasco – Panaji coastal highway. Locals call this church as St. Hyacinthi Cathedral.

Places to Visit
Portuguese lighthouse

San Jacinto Island has a well-maintained old Portuguese lighthouse. A breathtaking scenario of the Indian Ocean and the Goa coast can be viewed from the top of it.

How to Reach

This Island is at a distance of 22 kms from Panjim and 7 kms from Bogmalo beach. Sao Jacinto Island is quite easy to reach. A bridge connects the island to NH-17 Vasco-Panaji coastal highway. You can also go to the island through a jetty.

4.  Butterfly Island

The Island has this name because of its shape. The Butterfly Island, when viewed from a boat, looks exactly like a butterfly which is ready to take the flight. Butterfly Island is also popularly called as ‘Honeymoon Island.’ A hidden land of adventure, seasoned with beautiful views & aquatic life that is exactly what Butterfly Island.

The beauty of this hidden gem has an atmosphere of peace and happiness attached to it. This beautifully shaped landscape, millions of butterflies flying over the hilltop, and acrobatics of the dolphins around ensure an enjoyable experience at the

Things to do
Dolphin sightings

We hear a lot about dolphins in the Arabian sea. There are many different locations where one can spot live Dolphins jumping around you. The Butterfly Island is one such place where you can enjoy Dolphin spotting. Spot the playing, twisting and twirling dolphins riding by the waves that are are a feast for eyes. Watch them playing in the Arabian sea and experience the exceptional moment with your friends and family.

How to Reach

Butterfly Island is easily accessible by boat. Many tour packages include Butterfly Island in their list. One can easily get a boat or ferry from Agonda beach or Palolem beach which will take you to this island. At a distance of 80 kms from Panjim and 44 kms from Madgao via road. This semi-circle shaped island is so serene and appealing that the tranquility which makes you fall in love. I loved this island a lot, and I recommend everyone to visit this islands in Goa.

5.  Conco Island

Conco Island is another mind-blowing islands in Goa which attracts mainly foreigners. The Conco Island, also known as Canacona Island or Monkey Island. It is one of the most frequently visited sites situated close to Agonda Beach. The wooded island is also named as Monkey Island, which was inhabited by monkeys that lived in the adjacent forests. This is one of the frequently visited islands in Goa.

conco islands
conco islands
Things to do

You can spend the entire day on the island with some chilled beers and gourmet food. You can play on the beach. It is a refreshing place for beach lovers. You can go to Agonda beach or Palolem beach to enjoy some exciting watersports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, etc

How to Reach

The Conco island is easily approachable during low-tide either by a short swim or by paddling into the shallow water. Ferry rides are also available to get to the island.

These are few best islands in Goa. All the islands are unique in their ways. The fact is, few people want their home island to be off from commercialization. You can visit those islands during the daytime, explore and head back. On some islands, you can stay at resorts or holiday homes. The experience of relishing these islands will remain with you forever in the form of memories. Visit Goa, party hard, explore more and for reclining visit these islands in Goa! Villas in Goa for a Best Homely Stay are also the most opted choice.

Source: https://appealingindia.com/islands-in-goa/

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