A Date With Ghosts At Haunted Places In Goa

Goa,” what comes to your mind? Miles long golden beaches, fresh blue ocean, chilled booze, tempting snacks, dazzling nightlife and thrilling adventure sports. Goa is a “tourists paradise” as all call it. Every year, thousands of people visit Goa to soak up the sun and relax. But, as each coin has two sides, Goa also has its little share of darker secrets. Often kenned by locals, spreading it from person to person, there are a few haunted places in Goa.

For the eerie adventurers, you would love this paranormal heaven. Here’s a list of some of the most haunted places in Goa, to add that mysterious element to your typical Goa experience. Heard or unheard, true or rumor, these haunted places in Goa will not disappoint you in supernatural adventures.

To begin with, the paranormal activities in these places are enough to send chills down your spine. There are a plethora of spots believably haunted by evil spirits, some of them lurking about even during the day.

Haunted Places in Goa

1.   Three King’s Church

Evil spirits in a place of worship! The idea entirely frightens you right? Well, it should. Three King’s Church in Cansaulim village of South Goa is said to be one of the most haunted places in Goa. Cansaulim is 15 kilometers from Valsaav, South Goa. The stories of this church having a supernatural presence are around or decades now. The story of the inception of these activities is also quite impressive.

Three King’s Church
Three King’s Church

According to native folklore, the region was ruled by three kings for a quite long time. These three kings always kept arguing with each other for power. One day, one of the kings decides to become the sole owner of the region by killing the other two by poisoning their food. He killed the rest of the two kings and declared himself the king of the king. Apparently, the locals came to know about this outrage and approached the killer king. Terrified of the dreadful outgrowths, the third king committed suicide. Since then, this place has been cursed and is haunted by the spirits of these 3 kings. The evil spirits of the 3 kings move around the church.

A team of GRIP, Indian Paranormal Society, investigated the church and confirmed the presence of supernatural aura at this place. One can almost feel the invisible energy gripping you from all sides once inside the church. Not to mention the many unearthly activities which are witnessed at the place. Locals have also stated witnessing ghostly masses and hearing whispers in the corridors of the church many times.

2. D’Mello House

The second one from the list of haunted places in Goa is the D’Mello House. The D’Mello House is in Santemol and has a very unfortunate story behind it. Apparently, this house belonged to a family, their two sons living in it. These two brothers constantly kept fighting about the possession of the house. One unfortunate day, the argument took a violent turn, and it resulted in the death of the brothers. From that day, the house started experiencing paranormal activities. Locals hear window panes cracking, objects falling, loud, violent shrieks and heavy footsteps. Until now the family is unable to sell to sell this house because of its paranormal reputation. The house is abandoned now.

D’Mello House
D’Mello House
3. Mumbai – Goa Highway, NH 17

The Mumbai-Goa highway or NH17 has ill-famed notoriety. One of the most haunted places in Goa, the NH-17 is said to possed by evil spirits. This highway is deemed to be haunted by not only Mumbaikers or Goans but also by many other people. It is noted that this road is a covert of a dangerous assemblage of ruthless witches in search of flesh. Locals always advise people to not carry any non-vegetarian items with them while traveling by NH17, principally after midnight. In the dead of night, you never know the identity of the other ‘people’ moving on the road with you.

4. Baytakhol

This road of Baytakhol is between Dhavali and Bori. This road is said to encounter one of the most classic otherworldly phenoms. Drivers, especially at night, usually witness a woman in the middle of the road, screaming her lungs out. And if someone crosses her and looks behind, you will see nothing but an empty street. This causes the driver to deviate and lose control of the vehicle. A surprisingly large number of accidents have happened on this road. Also, many people claim to have also seen the same woman.

5. Jakni Bandh

This road has a terrible history behind it. Several years ago, a school bus was crossing a temporary bridge between Navelim and Drampur. Due to some mistake by the driver, the bus tumbled, and all the riders were killed. Though the tale does not hold very strong. Occasionally, many people have heard the screaming and wailing voices of children at night. The spooky atmosphere around this haunted places in Goa does nothing to soothe the anxiety of those who visit the site.

Jakni Bandh
Jakni Bandh
6. Igorchem Bandh

One of strangely haunted placed in Goa. This possessed evil mile of road is in Raia. This one is strange because locals say they have experienced the presence of evil spirits on this road in broad daytime. If you walk on the street between 2 pm and 3 pm, you are most likely to be possessed by a demonic spirit.

Igorchem Bandh
Igorchem Bandh
7. Saligao Village

A small village in the interior of Goa is declared to be possessed by the angry spirit of a woman named ‘Christalina.’ The old banyan tree in the village is considered to be the breeding ground of this spirit. The children are forbidden from walking under the tree. The tale behind this mystery dates back to nearly 61 years. It is said that a Portuguese man went missing in this village and was found a few days later covered in scratches and wounds. The only thing he ever said was that banshee ‘Christalina’ had got him.

To Conclude

Goa is undoubtedly a cheerful place to visit. Also, it remains a favored tourist destination to date. Its charm and appeal prevail as it has always been. Nevertheless, these stories of haunted places in Goa unquestionably makes it an exciting place to visit too! We have also always been intrigued by the unknown, and spirit stories are something we all enjoy to hear. The haunted stories about Goa are genuinely entertaining.

Source: https://appealingindia.com/haunted-places-in-goa/

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