Deccan Odyssey : Magnificance truely Personified!

Deccan Odyssey : Embark on This Train to Witness the Majestic Deccan Plateau…

The Deccan Odyssey is one of the most luxurious trains in India. This luxury train of India embarks on a journey from Maharashtra. It travels through some exotic locations. It is a venture of the Maharashtra Government and the Ministry of Railways. This train purely reflects the diversity of India. Therefore, It’s rightful name is the 5-star hotel on wheels.


Train journeys in India are widely appreciated. Enigma and allure define the luxury of Indian trains. The Deccan Odyssey is famous for its princely vacations. Additionally, it traverses across the wilderness, and deserts of India. Furthermore, it has 21 superlative, luxury coaches. Each coach has four cabins. Additionally, they are spacious and elegant. They radiate the various eras of the Deccan dynasties.
In the same fashion, there are four presidential suites in the Deccan Odyssey. This train also provides a specially equipped cabin for the differently-abled people.


The two royal restaurants of the Deccan Odyssey are Waavar and Utsav. They both are gourmet restaurants which keep the royalty of the train unimpaired. Consequently, cooking delicacies according to the state through which the train passes is the pursuit of these restaurants. As s result, people get to enjoy and get acquainted with the regional delicacies. It is the perfect way to please your taste-buds. To enumerate,international cuisine is also a part of the menu. Consequently,it complements the local delicacies perfectly. Hence, food can be enjoyed whole-heartedly on the Deccan Odyssey.
Additionally, the train also has drinks to go with the meals. Enjoying the drinks in the evening is the perfect way to bond with your fellow travelers. In this way, you can get to know the heterogeneity in the Indian culture.

Deccan Odyssey

Other Amenities

The spa is a unique service provided by the Deccan Odyssey. After a satisfying day of exploration, you can head to “Ayush.” The spa’s well-trained masseurs use the ancient Indian techniques. The massage helps you relax your body and rejuvenate your mind.
Furthermore, there is a conference car at the Deccan Odyssey. It takes care of your work needs. It is aptly named as “Pankh.” It is adequately built to supplement your work needs.
Not to mention, the valet service of the Deccan Odyssey is exceptional. Every minute detail receives attention. The well-organized staff takes care of the guests with perfection.


1) Hidden Treasures Of Gujarat

The Hidden Treasures of Gujarat will take you on a trip across the medieval capital of Vadodara, the pilgrim town of Palitana, the home of the gorgeous Asiatic Lions, the beautiful white vastness of Little Rann and the holy city of Nashik. Embark on this journey to witness the royal state of Gujarat.

Route: Mumbai-Vadodara-Palitana-Sasan Gir-Little Rann of Kutch-Modhera-Patan-Nashik-Mumbai

2) Indian Sojourn: Mumbai to Delhi

Come aboard Indian Sojourn, and become a part of a fantastic 8-day journey. The Indian Sojourn takes you through the lakes and palaces of Udaipur and the striking monuments of Vadodara. In the same fashion, also witness the ancient traditions of the Bishnois of Jodhpur, explore the glorious Taj Mahal at Agra, and discover the lively city of Jaipur.

Route: Mumbai-Vadodara-Udaipur-Jodhpur-Agra-Sawai Madhopur-Jaipur-Delhi

3) Maharashtra Splendor: Mumbai to Mumbai

Be ready to explore the never seen side of Maharashtra! Encounter diverse terrains and beautiful experiences. Indulge into the delicious wine in Nashik and marvel at the architecture of the Ajanta and Ellora Caves. In particular, visit the historical city of Kolhapur. Notwithstanding, explore the eternal city of Sindhudurg!

Route: Mumbai-Nashik-Ellora Caves-Ajanta Caves-Kolhapur-Goa-Sindhudurg-Mumbai

4) Indian Odyssey: Delhi to Mumbai

This 8-day spectacle will take through the exciting prospects of India from its capital in Delhi to Mumbai. Traverse the glorious Taj Mahal at Agra, the pink city of Jaipur, and the lakes and noble palaces at Udaipur. Additionally, you’ll visit Vadodara, along with some of the most outstanding & unexplored destinations of west-central India.

Route: Delhi-Sawai Madhopur-Agra-Jaipur-Udaipur-Vadodara-Ellora Caves-Mumbai

5)Jewels of the Deccan: Mumbai to Mumbai

On the whole, Jewels of the Deccan takes you through tales of India’s Deccan plateau. On this lovely holiday, you’ll traverse through the Adil Shahi dynasty of Bijapur to the Chalukyan in Aihole & Pattadakal. Additionally, visit the Vijayanagara kingdom in Hampi. Furthermore, you can also visit the Qutb Shahi dynasty of Golconda. Taste the best Dakkhani cuisine. Explore some of the most outstanding  locations of west India. Take a trip to the beautiful Ajanta & Ellora Caves.

Route: Mumbai-Bijapur-Aihole and Pattadakal-Hampi-Hyderabad-Ellora Caves-Ajanta Caves-Mumbai

6) Maharashtra Wild Trail: Mumbai to Mumbai

Experience the beauty of the grand Western Ghats. Also, the Deccan region of the diverse expanse of central India. In essence, the inspiring beauty of Ajanta and Ellora caves is famous. Straightaway, you can also chase the tigers at two tiger reserves of Maharashtra. Additionally, you’ll explore the holy city of Nashik, now known as India’s wine capital.

Route: Mumbai-Aurangabad-Ramtek-Pench-Tadoba-Ajanta Caves-Nashik-Mumbai

On the whole, the Deccan Odyssey presents an excellent chance to travel through the beautiful expanse of the Deccan plateau. If you are a travel enthusiast, you should surely embark on this journey. For further queries, you can contact us on our website. Ultimately, be ready for a big surprise coming your way. Keep tuned on our website…

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