Mumbai to Goa Cruise is Finally Here!

Yeah! Our generation is lucky enough to witness this one!! Hell of a cruise this is gonna be. The Mumbai to Goa Cruise is no dream but a dream-come-true for all of us.

Last any of us fantasized ourselves in was on the Titanic! How old were we then?

The Cruise in Goa was last heard by some of us way back in 2005 or so. Some of us had planned to board it with family and friends. Perhaps for some, it did materialize, for some, it didn’t. The Goa to Mumbai Cruise is indeed a fascination for all!

Mumbai To Goa Cruise Ferry Details:

With news, we have known that the Goa to Mumbai Cruise ferry was scheduled to run between Mumbai and Goa from December onwards. Certification and legal formalities delayed the commencement of adventure somehow, as per the chairman of Mormugao Port Trust (MPT).

The Goa To Mumbai Cruise ferry is now almost about to descend from our thought to the shores!

Ladies and gentleman, you may board the cruise with tickets worth 5000 per person. The Mumbai to Goa by ship is a luxury liner with hotels, swimming pools, play- areas on-board.

Enjoy Luxury Facilities on Board in Mumbai To Goa Cruise:

If don’t want the roadways or railways to travel then here is another way that you can travel to Goa that is the Sea Way means the Angariya Cruise which will take you to Goa with the best facilities on-boarded on the cruise.

  • The Cruise holds 104 Rooms with different types of accommodations such as luxury room, premium rooms, dormitory and others.
  • The Luxury cruise also holds 6 bars, two restaurants, Disco halls, swimming pool, spa, reading room and others.
  • You have a great time exploring the cruise and sea as India has a long list of cost line of Mumbai.

You sail aboard the Goa to Mumbai Cruise for 16 hours, one full day.

The Journey from Mumbai to Goa Cruise
The Journey from Mumbai to Goa Cruise

Itinerary And Visage:

They say the ship is called Symphony of the Seas by Royal Caribbean and sails from the Caribbean Sea. The owner of Symphony is Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd towards the port of Marmugao.

Wow! This sounds royal.  After Titanic the movie, the Mumbai to Goa Ship is Happening to us in real life, scheduled for launch on April 21, this year, come on, get your dresses done and packed!

The Symphony will hold 6,870 passengers from the Yard number B34. This route was the busiest as per history during the 60’s and 90’s and this is 2018!

We are definitely wearing luck on our sleeves. Let’s work overtime, get a grand bonus in the name of the Mumbai to Goa Ship.

The cruise liner will start from the Muzgaon domestic terminal and stop at Raigad, Dabhol, Jaigad, Vijay Durg and Malvan before reaching its final destination Panjim.

The luxury cruise will run throughout the year except for the four months of the monsoon that are not considered safe for sailing.

Look what have you Aboard the Mumbai to Goa Cruise!

The very thought is the grand,  cruise. Mumbai, the glam-world takes you on the promised cruise liner to the State of sun and sands, Goa.

Imagine the Symphony of the Seas along the waves of the Arabian sea, taking you along the fantasy- come- true galore!

Cruises are a city on the waves, just like an island on the sea. More so, the cruise holds all the safety, maintenance, security and charms of the modern world with wise technology hustling you from one paradise to another. Here, Goa to Mumbai Cruise is the city of dreams to the state of adventure!

This route shall cover ports of significance Raigad, Dabhol, Jaigad, Vijay Durg and Malvan before reaching its final destination Panjim.

In conclusion:

If you are in goa for a weekend or trip to goa with your friends or family then angriya cruise is the best cruise that you may never want to miss out. Try out the angriya cruise and enjoy the sea life with the best facilities on the cruise with your family and friends. So don’t wait just go and find a new sea life with Angriya Cruise Check out for Mumbai to Goa Angriya Cruise updates.

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