Special Navratri Recipes for 9 days – Navratri 2019

Navratri is coming and every Indian festival is incomplete without the delicious dishes for 9 days of Navratri. Here are some tasty and healthy  Navratri recipes which you can try at home. This year celebrate Navratri in an interesting way by making all these Navratri recipes. Make your fasting interesting with all these recipes. Hope you will love all these Navratri Recipes for 9 days and will definitely try at home.

List of Navratri Recipes for 9 Days

1] Delicious Apple Smoothie:

The perfect drink for this Navratri fast. This smoothie is a combination of two healthy fruits an apple and kiwi. Energize your day a vibrant and delicious apple smoothie recipe! Read Full Recipe

Navratri Recipes for 9 days: Apple smoothie
Navratri Recipes for 9 days: Apple smoothie

2] Singhare ka Atta Frankie: 

We can make Frankie by using singhare ka atta for fast also. We can prepare Frankie in very short by using veggies.

3] Samak Rice Meduwada: 

Another Navratri recipe is the tasty meduwadas using Samak rice. This recipe is too healthy and tasty. It’s a perfect fasting recipe that’s super easy to make. Try Samak rice meduwada today.

Samak Rice Meduwada
Samak Rice Meduwada

4] Refreshing Banana Lassi: 

 Yummy banana lassi with yoghurt, bananas, honey, and walnut makes a nourishing drink for Navratri fast. Easy to make at home. Read here full recipe of banana lassi


5] Must Try Paneer Kheer Navratri Recipes for 9 Days: 

Paneer kheer is a quick and easy dessert for Navratri fasting. We can make this kheer using Navratri food paneer and khoya(mawa). Khoya(mawa) gives rich creamy taste to this kheer. Enjoy fasting with delicious paneer kheer.

paneer-Paneer Kheer Recipe
Paneer Kheer Recipe

6] Try This Fruit Salad Navratri Recipes for 9 Days: 

Fruit salad is always the best option for the fast. This fruit salad is a flavorful combination of fruits and condensed milk. You are going to love this excellent combination of fruits and condensed milk. This mouth-watering fruit salad is one of the must-try Navratri recipes for 9 days.

Fruit salad
Fruit salad

7] Sabudana Appe:  

Lip-smacking sabudana appe is the new version of sabudana wada. We can make many recipes using sabudana. We all love to eat sabudana wada.  Sabudana appe is the best snacks option for fasting.

8]Aloo ki Kadhi: 

Kadhi for fasting which you can eat with steam Samak rice. This kadhi is made with Navratri food aloo and curd.

9] Kaddu ki Sabzi: 

Mouth-watering khatti meethi kaddu ki sabzi for fasting. You can eat this sabzi with rajgira flour poori.

Kaddu ki Sabzi
Kaddu ki Sabzi

Try these Navratri Special Food and make your Navratri, the most enjoyable Festival.

Happy Navratri to all of you…

In conclusion:

Here are some of the best Navratri Special Food which will give your tongue the taste of Indian Navratri Special Food so don’t wait for just take the taste of Indian Navratri Recipes. If you want to know more about Why Navratri is Celebrated? Stay tuned with us.

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