The Mystic Koynanagar Resorts

Koynanagar is on the Satara district on the Chiplun-Sangli highway. It is a miniature town located on the banks of the river Koyna with a population of around 30,000 people. Koynanagar Resorts are the best thing about Koynanagar. There is no trace of pollution in Koynanagar because of its strategic location. In particular, the town has a beautiful, serene climate and lush greenery everywhere. Koynanagar tourism hence has gained importance since recent years. Koynanagar enjoys a calm atmosphere, frequent drizzles, and also a variety of flora and fauna. The town boasts of tranquillity, serenity, and peace. Correspondingly, New Mahabaleshwar i.e Koynanagar is proud to be a part of the ‘UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves in India.

Koynanagar Resorts: Stay Here and Enjoy An Unforgettable Holiday!!!

The government of India has named it the “New Mahabaleshwar.” The government has already started work to replicate and develop this city like Mahabaleshwar. It will give a massive boost to the Maharashtra Tourism and will make it a pleasant getaway from the hectic city life. There are many Nature oriented Koynanagar Resorts Near Koyna Dam.

List of Resorts Near Koyna Dam:

1) Koyna Lake Resort –

The Koyna Lake Resort is on top of a hill at the height of 3100ft. The resort has some fantastic landscapes which are a sight to look at. It includes a children’s’ park, a place for outdoor games and also space for a campfire. This resort is also famous for its cuisine. People especially come here to enjoy a quiet dinner with family and relish the food along with the breathtaking view. The service is excellent, even the catering is commendable. Likewise, the resort also offers jungle safari package in the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. You can plan your itinerary with this resort.

Koynanagar Resorts – Koyna Lake Resort
Koynanagar Resorts – Koyna Lake Resort

This resort has deluxe suites which face the valley or the Koyna dam. It has a total of 20 rooms 2 dormitories. There are AC as well as non-AC rooms. The tariff ranges according to the season. Generally, it varies from Rs.1900/- to 2200/-.

2) Wind Chalet Resort – 

The Wind Chalet Resort enjoys a calm and pleasant atmosphere. The silent rustle of the leaves can be heard here. Experience Nature’s sanctity in this resort. It is directly opposite the Koyna dam, and the view is magnificent. It is in the heart of the Sahyadris and enjoys a lot of tourist attraction. In addition, you can also satisfy your taste buds over here. Furthermore, it possesses the fresh mountain air and lush mystic greenery everywhere. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most preferred Koynanagar Resorts.

Koynanagar Resorts – Wind Chalet Resort
Koynanagar Resorts – Wind Chalet Resort

The tariff ranges between Rs.2000/- to 3000/-

3) Forest Escapes Resort

The Forest Escapes Resort is one of the Best Koynanagar Resorts Near Koyna Dam. Forest Escapes Resort lies near the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. Staying in this resort is an ideal way to connect to your natural rhythms. Hence, this resort allows you to get very close to the fauna of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. Moreover, the resort boasts of all the amenities such as swimming pool, indoor games room, prompt room service, etc.

Koynanagar Resorts – Forest Escape Resort
Koynanagar Resorts – Forest Escape Resort

The tariff for this resort ranges between Rs.2500/- to 3000/-

In Conclusion:

To summarize, there are few but good Koynanagar Resorts Near Koyna Dam. Come here to experience the purity and beauty of Nature. Select one of the resorts to get your full itinerary planned. Enjoy your stay at Koynanagar with your family and hence spend a splendid vacation. Visit more places in Koynannagar.

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