Fasting During Navratri Check Out the Navratri Fast Rules

People celebrate Navratri with lots of enthusiasm and excitement in India. Fasting During Navratri is one of the significant parts of Navratri. People fast during these nine days. The scientific reason behind fasting is to remove toxins from your body. Fasting is very beneficial for our health. Many people also restrict themselves from consuming water on the days... Continue Reading →

The Mystic Koynanagar Resorts

Koynanagar is on the Satara district on the Chiplun-Sangli highway. It is a miniature town located on the banks of the river Koyna with a population of around 30,000 people. Koynanagar Resorts are the best thing about Koynanagar. There is no trace of pollution in Koynanagar because of its strategic location. In particular, the town has a... Continue Reading →

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