Get Down into a Whole New World of Adventure Sports in Goa

Goa is one of the most desirable destinations not only in India but in the whole World. Solely because it offers the best of everything. Miles of golden sand, fresh blue sea, a fun-filled nightlife and infinite options to drink and dine, all this makes Goa one of the most preferred holiday destinations. Talking about adventure sports in Goa, it would do well to experience some of the most adrenaline-pumping and exciting activities that could find a place on your bucket list of ‘Things to Do in Goa.’ It barely matters whether one is a swimmer or a trekker, an absolute adventurous person is open to try out adventure sports in Goa.

Planning for Adventure Sports in Goa? Watch out for these Goa Adventure:

1.   Scuba Diving At Grande Island In Goa

If you an adventure freak and you love water, then you should try Scuba Diving At Grande Island In Goa. Scuba Diving is one of the best adventure sports in Goa.

Experience the breathtaking and beautiful wonders of the sea with an exciting Scuba Diving in Goa!  You can experience this underwater world which is organized by international standards of expertise, equipment, and safety.
This activity lasts for 45 minutes. Training sessions are provided.
The session of Scuba Diving is under the guidance of PADI certified trainer and enough safety equipment.


  • Light Snacks
  • Lunch
  • Soft Drinks

Other Inclusions

  • Quick training session
  • A boat ride of 1 hour to reach Grande Island
  • Scuba diving of 20-25 minute a dive for each participant
  • Equipment charges
  • Photography and videography
  • Safety Kit

Things To Carry

  • Extra pair of clothes
  • Sunscreen and cap
  • Swimwear

2.  Dolphin Sighting

Dolphin spotting trip is one of the top-rated adventure sports in Goa. We hear a lot about dolphins in the Arabian sea. There are many different locations where one can spot live Dolphins jumping around you. One such place is near Fort Aguada.

Enjoy one hour of cruising in Arabian sea spotting dolphin and create a lifelong memory. These extremely intelligent and playful mammals will please every visitor with their high jinks as they play and feed in water. Spot the playing, twisting and twirling dolphins riding by the waves that are are a feast for eyes. Watch them playing in the Arabian sea and experience the exceptional moment with your friends and family.


Dolphin Sighting – Activities in Goa
Dolphin Sighting – Activities in Goa

Get ready for exciting this Dolphin Sighting experience in Goa. Many tours with various packages are arranged for Dolphin Sighting. Meals are provided by the tour providers. Embark on the exciting Dolphin Sighting and explore marine life. Enjoy your time on the cruise with chilled beverages and delicious meals.

Starting from:  INR 250 to 1,800 per person

3. Trekking and Hiking

It happens that when we think about Goa, the first view which comes to our mind is beaches and sea. Have you ever thought of Trekking and Hiking in Goa? These adventure sports in Goa attract a lot of young people here.

Long trails of hiking on routes that are challenging are a lot of fun when done with your group and with proper gear. Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park offer excellent destinations for hiking.

A Trek to Dudhsagar Falls is very popular along the route beginning from Devil’s Canyon. Vagheri Peaks, located at the height of 560 meters, is another favorite amongst the trekkers which electrifies through its rough grounds and tests one’s strength both mentally and physically. Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary offers spectacular views of the forests, flora and fauna and wildlife in its full bounty.

Trekking – Activities in Goa
Trekking – Activities in Goa

This trip is in the early morning or late evening depending on the weather condition. The Trip can be called off any time as the trip is entirely dependent on weather condition & the speed of the wind. In case the trip is canceled in such circumstances your appointment will be shifted to next available date or refunded you with full amount paid.

Places Offering Hot Air Ballooning: Asolda Ground, Chandor, South Goa.

Well-known Operators: Seawater Sports (Arpora); Tiger Balloon Safaris (Panjim)

Best Season: October to May.

Approximate Cost: INR 9000 to INR 11000 per person.

6. Camping

Camping in Goa is fun. One of the best locations in the south of Palolem beach. The beauty of this place comes from the bamboo huts and the wooden huts, they offer comfort with almost all modern amenities like a private bathroom. The peaceful sand, the aroma of the sea, the songs of the waves and the chirping birds fills the ambiance with an eternal note. Also, the pocket-friendly costs of these huts make them an ecstatic getaway while on a trip to Goa.

Enjoy your stay with delicious meals and drinks. Whether during the day, when you can get into an endless list of activities. During the night, you can enjoy the calmness with a lively bonfire. You will always have your reasons to cherish your this camping experience.

atv biking – Activities in Goa
atv biking – Activities in Goa

Places to Camp: Palolem, sites nearby Dudhsagar Falls.

Best Season: October to May.

Approximate Cost: INR 2000 – INR 5000 per person

In Conclusion:

These most Electrifying Adventure activities in Goa will surely keep you busy for a while where you will enjoy the best and take you into next level of adventure sports. You can also enjoy these Watersports in Goa. And make you trip the most memorable and exciting.



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