Best Villas in Goa for a Homely Stay

Enjoy your private luxury in your choicest best villas in Goa. This can happen each time you visit.

The best villas in Goa are definitely not a luxury to find(!) You have them in umpteen numbers. They are beautiful to see. They are full of amenities. Not a single grievance shall ever come from you for sure.

Goa not only offers the best sites to visit but also best villas in Goa situated at these! And most of all, it offers you a heartening list of villas that make you glee in delight!

Best Villas In Goa

The best villas in Goa are rented for a personalized stay. Book yourself and your folks in the locations that you are most fond of. Best villas in Goa for rent are spacious spots hosting all possible and probable amenities that you, a luxury and sophistication lover may wish for!

Space and privacy are created in the best villas in Goa for a wholesome experience that most of us yearn for, desire and expect. Goa being a wondrous destination definitely expects higher aspirations from her visitors.

It is a noteworthy fact that best villas in Goa are extraordinarily suiting to the appeal of the ambiance.

Here the Listing of Best Villas in Goa

The villas in Goa are gorgeous and glorious. A look at luxury villas in Goa and you will be spellbound merely. Fully-furnished, these are both self-standing modern homes and traditional Portuguese mansions.

You almost a feel a part of a million dollar movie as you take a tour of any of best villas in Goa.

1. Prestige Villa, Vagator

Perstige Villa, Vagator
Prestige Villa, Vagator

The first look is that of a Portuguese household of yesteryears. You have large Portuguese-style interiors, hand-finished walls, marble flooring, stained glass windows, stunning bedrooms, luxurious living room, and the tropical ambiance make this one of the best villas for rent in Goa.

The white and blue décor gives it a cool pepper-minty look!

The pool is lined with pavement made of colored marbles. White beach recliners invite the lazy you to give you some sun tanning peaceful moments.

Prestige Villa in Vagator as one of the best villas in Goa has four en-suite bedrooms, separate living and dining areas, fully equipped kitchen, power backup/Inverter, satellite television, security, parking, garage.

The whiteness of the villa makes you feel both cheerfulness and peace together!

The best villas on rent in Goa are the best places to be you ever dreamed of!

2. The Riverlands, Morjim

The Riverlands, Morjim
The Riverlands, Morjim

This one faces the riverside and hills.

This has three separate bedrooms, a lounge room, and efficient kitchen. The flooring is logs of polished woods.

Interiors are light and beautiful and face exquisite scenery of greenery and riverside.

3. Villa Farrington, Candolim

Villa Farrington, Candolim
Villa Farrington, Candolim

Dark brown large slope roofs cover the rooms from the hot shadowing sun. The greenery squares the stony path to its pool. That is laced with mustard marble slab platform.

Interiors have wooden flooring and dark bed panels. Exteriors are large and plain with a play area for children and lush meadowed surroundings. It is suitable for a stay with more kids with an extensive play area.

This one has an automatic water system, full plasma, stabilizer, washing machine, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, juicer, iron, cooking utensils. Wow. These aren’t called best villas in Goa without reason!

The villa is situated on a spacious fenced-in area.

4. Our Square, MorjIm

Our Square, MorjIm
Our Square, MorjIm

This has a colorful interior; each room painted in a different color. The windows are smaller with wooden frames.  Furniture is of wrought iron. Exterior has red bricked roofs covering closely the entire villa that also hovers around the pool. It gives the impression of mud hut!

This villa is 10 minutes away from the Morjim beach. Restaurants, supermarket, and currency exchange office are nearby. In 15-20 minutes drive, you can find famous nightclubs in Goa.

5. Villa Oliva, Calangute

Villa oliva, Calangute
Villa Oliva, Calangute

The Villa Oliva is single-storeyed, 100-year-old Portuguese villa. It has a thick thatched roof look and is very close to its pool. The Villa faces the beach; brown sand is visible along with aquamarine waves nearby.

Simple furniture decks the front of the villa and the pool also is a cozy one.

A little off the main road to the beach, the Holiday Street, the place is nice and quiet, unlike its mother, Calangute beach.

6. Villa Lyon Age, Colva

Villa Lyon Age, Colva
Villa Lyon Age, Colva

This one is small and has simple wooden windows and a covering curtain décor for the entrance. The entrance with the blinds gets a charming look. A newly wedded couple can enjoy this cozy place. Also, a small family can who enjoy here.

The rooms have framed pieces of art and the décor is old-fashioned. It also owns a canopied swing. Enjoy!

Why stay in the best holiday villas in Goa

Once you stay in one of the best villas in Goa, you get to know what is staying in the best holiday villas in Goa.

The villas are family-friendly, kid-friendly and of course, it goes without saying that the extraordinary level of comfort is the idea behind the concept!

The best villas on rent in Goa are better than what you can expect in 5-star hotels. The staff available at the villas look after you 24×7. The cook can prepare yummy food or according to your exact preferences.

The best villas on rent in Goa give maintenance as well as maid service. There are daily house-keeping and linen change once in 2 days- you can ask for it. The villa offers you the choice of renting a car.

The villa gives you 24-hour security service.


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